b. 1986, HK.


Born in Guam, I grew up in the small town of Tamuning where I would explore every inch of the 30 mile long island in the Pacific. I parted ways with the island to pursue a degree at Georgia Institute of Technology and graduating in 2017 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Information Technology management.

Nowadays I love to juggle both sides of my brains as I pursue a career in Cybersecurity at AT&T while teaching and building the east coast D school at Georgia Tech’s very own Innovation Design Collaborative aka ( Design Bloc).

I’m also the OpenIDEO Atlanta Director, where I train, fund, and support extraordinary leaders with advancing community initiatives that tackle social issues. I’m personally on a mission to incorporate design principles into every avenue of life including my own.

Keynote Speaker

Richard is what I would call the “colloquial community leader with purpose ” within our group. He has the ability to bring people together and see their interests from their point of view, and dovetail that with the overarching needs of the organization. He can weave together people’s interests into a community fabric.
— Wayne Li -Program Director of the Innovation Design Collaborative